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A Review of CA2020 scam-or-not-a-scam?

The Truth behind CA2020


The complete lowdown and process of ca2020 - from what happens when you
finish all the courses to how they earn their money (source: ):

Have you been invited or are you being invited by any member of a so-called
community named "Create Abundance 2020" or "CA2020" for short? They say that
they would like to make the Philippines a "First World Country" by making
Filipino "multimillionaires".

If you are not aware, here is a brief introduction to this community.

CA2020 Free Wealth Courses
They have 3 "free" wealth courses in which you have to finish a task to be
able to attend the next module.
Their first module "Awareness". They make you aware of what the future holds
for you with your current situation. But for this module I think the concept of
"Money Jar" stand out. It did help me manage my money more efficiently.

Money Jar as Money Management
Necessity - 50%
FFA (for Investment) - 20%
LTS (Lifetime Savings) - 10%
Education - 10%
Play - 5%
Give - 5%

To be able for Mr. Wings to attend the second module "Unlearning", he have
to invite 2 people to attend Module 1 and 101 ways on how he can be get
Php1,000,000.00 in a week. This can include logica/illogical or legal or illegal
ways. If he is having second thoughts, he will still be follow-up by this
community. Even if you say "NO", they will still ask you few more times. Now,
let us say that Mr. Wings attended this module, he is able to invite 2 of his
friends. This lecture is about what is your way of thinking about rich people.
How you're thinking is influence by your parents and their previous experiences,
media and your surroundings. They will ask you to keep an open-mind during the
discussions and to be as honest as possible. The moderator for this lecture was
good and got me more interested and intrigue.

Module 3 "Relearning", to be able to attend this module, Mr. Wings have to
invite 2 people more to attend module 1 and write 101 reasons why he want to be
rich. The reason that he will he be stating will be based on his dreams,
ambition and goals. Still, CA2020 will do continuous follow-up on him to finish
his 101 reason. Again, the discussion was good and believable. This is the part
that he is asked if he will continue or stop. He can say "YES" or "NO".

Wealth Courses are held in the following:

Monday/Tuesday - 3:00~5:00 and 6:00~9:00
Before: Starbucks, Pearl Drive Ortigas Complex, Pasig City
Now: Shangrila, Near the Cinema

Wednesday/Thursday - 3:00~5:00 and 6:00~9:00
Paseo de Roxas Bldg. Makati

Most of what they teach are from Robert Kiyosaki and T. Harv Eker Books.
They also quote some entry in the books and tell it to the attendees of the

CA2020 Cash Flow 101 and Cash Flow 202
I was also able to attend the cash flow game of R. Kiyosaki organized by
this group. They asked for Php400.00/player or 200/player of group of 3 which is
used for the players lunch and rent for the place . I only played once but I
have to admit the game was fun and educational. It is something new for me. It
was done every Saturday and Sunday or special events. They usually hold it in
"Spicy Fingers" and "Makati Stock Exchange". By the way, Cash Flow 101 Board
game made by R. Kiyosaki costs approx. Php15K and we only found 1 in Toy 'r Us
at Robinson Galleria.

Start of the Dilemma
Again, let us assume that Mr. Wings said "YES" after module 3, to be able to
attend the Module 4, He have to state 101 reason why he want to be a member of
the"Core Team". Also, he have to read "Why We Want You to be Rich" or what they
call "3wytbr" by R. Kiyosaki, CA2020 Power Investing Plan, Do you have what it
takes to be rich and Top 10 to do before joining the CA2020 Core Team. Of
course, he finished them all, so he was able to attend the next module. Now,
during Module 4 another coach gave some questions during the discussion which
the goal is to get his "deeper why". He wrote down on the paper
Php1,000~Php50000 denominations and asked mr. Wings to write names of friends
that he think will lend him the money that will have a total of Php100K. Yes,
I repeat Php100K. Then, he was asked to send text messages to this people and
see if how many will lend him the money. This is what they call "NT" or
"Network Test".

What is the money for?
This is the fun part, most of the people who attended the wealth courses
were fueled by their curiosity. Why? because if you talked to a coach and he
said that "I did not experience employment, after graduation I found this
community and joined. Now, I am earning passive income.". Who would not want
that kind of life, or who would not want to earn passive income? So you start to
ask how can they do that, what are their businesses? They will say that if you
are not a member of the core team, it is a secret. They will tell you that "if
this secret/system is broadcast to the public then many would like to join,
anyone can join. Here are some more lines that you might hear:

1. Have we sold anything to you?
2. Big Business owner do leverage on "Other peoples time (OPT), "Other
people money(OPM)", "Other people resources(OPR)", "Other Peoples skill(OPT)",
3. Imagine through if there is 150 members in the community and each member
net worth is 1,000,000, you have 150,000,000 total net worth.
4. Answers will be given one step at a time

Now, I think it is time to answer the question what is the 100K for?

Mr. Wings was able to gather 100K, he have to bring the money and attend the
Pre-Panel. What is Pre-panel? Mr. Wings will be given a "application form" (but
they call it a contract) of nu skin Enterprises (Nse). Nse is a legal and good
company (you can check their site if you like). Yes, it as you think, the 100K
that you leverage with other people will be used to buy Nse starter kits. Normal
process, to be a distributor you can spend 12,600 or 21K++ and they are point
basis, CA2020 is no exception.

How to return your 100K?
Mr. Wings is not familiar with this company, that it is a kind of network
marketing. He gave the 100K and buy the kits. To return his 100K, he is shown
the "compensation plan", but to make it short you have to, as to what their term
is "invite" 4 people who will join the core team and spend 100K. This is what
CA2020 call "Innovative Franchising". It is their "First step" to earn passive
income. To increase Mr. Wings passive income through network marketing he and
his other invites must invite more people who are willing (sort of).

They say, they have other source of income, that Nse is only 5% of the whole
picture. They will say "We are looking for leaders", or in network marketing
term "downline". They will also differentiate "downline" from "leaders", they
say leaders because they train you how to talk and express your self, "to
prepare you to be an entrepreneur". Well, they do provide leadership trainings
which include their free wealth course. Furthermore, they say to a new core team
member, "all you have to do is invite, we will do the rest". "The rest" means
the community will "convert" your invites so they might join the community.

For my points of view,

a. Nothing should be kept especially if it involves that amount of money.
b. It is like that the dreams, goals or ambition of the person attending the
wealth course is being used
as ammunition for hypnotizing these person.
c. Since the person joining the core team is entrusting their dreams to the
community, everything
should be open or cleared.
d. Do not call people "losers" just because they quit. It is said that
personal growth is developed in
this community but this behavior does not show it.
e. If you are not prepared to do their system, stop now, cause it will be a
lot harder getting out
and it is hard to return the 100K.

I wrote this blog so that people who are searching about CA2020 will be able
to see what they are getting in to especially if details are being kept from
them. I am not saying that they are a scam or not a scam. The judgement to this
will still be from the person who is going to enter this community. For those
who will be or planning to join, please do proceed with caution, Do not let your
curiosity get the best of you. Remember that "curiosity kills the cat".

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Friday, June 11, 2010

New Scam Artist in Metro Manila using the cellphone

New Scam Artist in Metro Manila using the cellphone

I would like to share this worrisome experience with all of you.

It's all started when I received a call from someone claiming that he was from Maxis and he asked me to shutdown my phone for 2 hours for 3g update to take place. As I was rushing for a meeting, I did not question and shutdown my cell phone.

After 45 minutes I felt very suspicious since the caller did not even introduce his name. I quickly turned on my cell phone and I received several calls from my family members and the others were from the number that had called me earlier - 02*954380.

I called my parents and I was shocked that they sounded very worried asking me whether I am safe. My parents told me that they had received a call from someone claiming that they had me with them and asking for money to let me free. The call was so real and my parents even heard 'my voice' crying out loud asking for help. My parent was at the bank waiting for next call to proceed for money transfer. I told my parents that I am safe and asked them to lodge a police report.

Right after that I received another call from the guy asking me to shutdown my cell phone for another 1 hour which I refused to do and hung up. They keep calling my cell phone until the battery had run down. I myself lodged a police report and I was informed by the officer that there were many such scams reported.. MOST of the cases reported that the victim had already transferred the money! And it is impossible to get back the money.

Be careful as this kind of scam might happened to any of us!!! Those guys are so professional and very convincing during calls. If you are asked to shut down your cell phone for updates by the service provider, ASK AROUND! Your family or friends might receive the same call.

Be Safe and Stay Alert!

Shared info from a scam survivor.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advance-fee fraud or Email Scam or Fake job offer (Complete Revelation )

I'm sharing to you this popular email scam that victimize lots of people around the world. And still victimizing many people up to this moment your reading this blog.
I hope to inform the public about this scam that is regularly send in our email inbox or spam box. Just delete it and never entertain to read or reply to them to avoid you from being scam or victimize. Hope you read this, be inform and stay safe all the time.

An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain.[1] Among the variations on this type of scam, are the Nigerian Letter (also called the 419 fraud, Nigerian scam, Nigerian bank scam, or Nigerian money offer[2]),[3] the Spanish Prisoner, the black money scam as well as Russian/Ukrainian scam (also widespread, though far less popular than the former). The so-called Russian and Nigerian scams stand for wholly dissimilar organised-crime traditions; they therefore tend to use altogether different breeds of approaches.
Although similar to older scams such as the Spanish Prisoner, the modern 419 scam originated in the early 1980s as the oil-based Nigerian economy declined. Several unemployed university students first used this scam as a means of manipulating business visitors interested in shady deals in the Nigerian oil sector before targeting businessmen in the west, and later the wider population. Scammers in the early-to-mid 1990s targeted companies, sending scam messages via letter,[4] fax, or Telex.[5] The spread of e-mail and easy access to e-mail-harvesting software significantly lowered the cost of sending scam letters by using the Internet. In the 2000s, the 419 scam has spurred imitations from other locations in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, and, more recently, from North America, Western Europe (mainly United Kingdom and Netherlands), and Australia.
The number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating") dealing with fraud.[6] The American Dialect Society has traced the term "419 fraud" back to 1992.[7]
The advance-fee fraud is similar to a much older scam known as the Spanish Prisoner scam[8] in which the trickster tells the victim that a rich prisoner promised to share treasure with the victim in exchange for money to bribe prison guards. An older version of this scam existed by the end of 18th century, and is called "the Letter From Jerusalem" by Eugène François Vidocq, in his memoirs.[9]
Insa Nolte, a lecturer of University of Birmingham's African Studies Department, stated that "The availability of e-mail helped to transform a local form of fraud into one of Nigeria's most important export industries."[10]
Embassies and other organizations warn visitors to various countries about 419. Countries in West Africa with warnings cited include Nigeria,[8][11] Ghana,[12][13] Benin,[14] Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast),[15] Togo,[16][17] Senegal[18] and Burkina Faso.[19] Countries outside West Africa with 419 warnings cited include South Africa,[17][20] Spain,[20] and the Netherlands.[21]

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