Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last time we heard pyramiding mastermind scammer been caught is Rose Baladjay of Multitel. The Queen of pyramiding in the Philippines. Now, Manuel Amalilio of Aman Future will be called " King of pyramiding in the Philippines". Many people is victimize by this kind of money-making scam. How do they do it? This is an art of hypnotizing people. The same as 5/6 lending is using the art of hynotizing to entice people to borrow and pay the lender like at a high interest. In my quest to know how they do it. It's a black art of hypnotizing. That is learn from the eastern religion. Some of this people got hold of this knowledge and use it in scamming people. This is a special stone or amulet acquire in a secret ritual. It's a hypnotizing stone that make the wise, the powerful, educated and all kind of people dumb and stupid to join the scam. Once under the spell you cannot decide. You just follow. Until your money is gone. It's a trade secret of many scammer now we will expose and counter. A painful lesson for scam victim's experience. I hope to prevent in the near future of any scammer that will entice people again. In my quest to stop text scam hypnotizing scheme, budol-budol scam and alike scam have put my life at risk. I hope this pyramiding scam will be a lesson learn for all. In hypnotizing scam, we been mind-control to follow. To counter, we must use our senses to counter. The usual remedy is hot chili, salt, garlic, onion, alum, seawater, vinegar and alike. Do not use any oil, it will calm you down and cannot resist hypnotism. Why? Hypnosis is spiritual level. To counter, we have to use the weapon available and accessible. If you heard any agent or people talking about instant wealth. Do not response in a manner your believe, submissive or obedient or get excited. This will activate the hypnotic spell. Avoid listening for more than few minutes. Just excuse and go straight to your kitchen. If outdoor or outside, go to nearest store and buy any avail remedy I mention. You need to munch, gargle or taste and spit-out to help activate your senses and get-out of the hypnotic spell. Your mind will be clear and you can think clear. Rule of thumb, pyramiding scam is using relatives or friends to scam the victims. One way is to convince your agent / recruiter - relatives or friends to gargle any remedy I mention with water and spit-out in your lavatory or outdoor. Flush-out gargle water immediately to drive-away hypnosis. Not cold water or not hot water. Your ordinary drinking water will do. He/she will return to real self. Begin to talk, explain and pray. This will take many hours or days before He/she get-out of spell. Do not hurt the person. Love and understanding will break you free from hypnotism. Remember: No instant riches can be acquire by instant investment. We need to work honest and hardwork. Earn some, Spend some and Save some. Instant riches will never really happen. Only story and promises to scam others do this. Our greed is the way scammer exploit. Do not be greedy. We can avoid and stop pyramiding scam. I hope my research and observation save many to become future victim. Thank you. God bless. For a better Philippines.


About Me

In honor of Commander Liwanag of Hukbalahap. Who visited me in my birth and story I heard about this great leader. The teaching and believe He share with my family about doing good and doing right toward others. Despite many bad things happening in our country. We must never do wrong or bad to make a living or profit that jeopardize other people. All wrong or bad must be expose to see the truth and the light. That other will not follow and be aware of this misdeed. Make a living by hardwork and good deeds. I maybe forgotten but my legacy live on to you who believe.