Monday, August 2, 2010

Latest Pasaload Scam !!!

Latest scam to get celphone load:
Do you receive unwanted text message.

Like this example text / sms:

Text # 1:

I2 k lng p0h me lal0,yta nla2 skt q ang skt ei.

Text # 2:

Neng nrecieve u b l0ad

Text # 3:

31Jul 07:50:09081718400 has loaded Regular Pack (P53.50) to 0921#######. New Load Wallet Balance:P6.25. Ref:490172112133

Text # 4:

Pwd p0h bng pkblik ng l0ad q 60.tnx

from: +639081718400

If you receive pasaload or any load for your celphone from a celphone number you do not know or missent load, this is the new modus operandi.
You will observe the number sending load is from a regular celphone number.
Do not reply, it's a scam. They will copy a load text message and will make it appear a real load for you. After an hours, they will text you the text # 4.
To return the load via pasaload. Do not do it. You will lost your load to scammer.

Reminder: Delete the text message, do not reply. Do not be tempted to be happy that someone give you a load. Remember NO FREE LUNCH, it's a scam.
Stay safe and have a nice day.


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