Thursday, November 24, 2011

Modus Operandi 2011 ( 1 )

I do not want to promote our country is really that bad. But, we need to stop this people in doing misdeeds. For a safe and better Philippines.

1. Pawnshop Mining

It's a long journey to get people to share trade secret of modus operandi.
The still unresolve and seldom caught pawnshop robber doing tunnelling.
We are all familiar with mining. Digging for precious mineral.
The new wave of people who know how to dug is doing pawnshop mining in our cities and towns. Where the sure mine have huge return. It's a still unresolve issue until now. How in the world they do it? It's only in our country were they can develop and improve this kind of pawnshop mining. It's a very organize and well funded group. Every news is about the aftermath. Let do the prevention.
We all know the people can dug-up a tunnel. They were hired people to do the job.
This maybe a joke I heard. In mining your not sure the return of the day's work, when raining it's much dangerous and harder to work. It's the same effort. This entice some people to venture to pawnshop mining. Best advise to pawnshop owner. Look for alternative to cement that cannot be easily tunnel in by drill or chemical. Moved-out large jewerly or cash. When you find any public work or digging in your nearby vicinity. Always be watchful with "For rent or for lease" nearby. Make sure it's legitimate occupant. Any vacant lot nearby is a potential, for rent rooms or apartment or business establishment. They come in all size and shape. They study and observe your place.
Look around if they have a plywood unused or unfinish painting job. They do renovation or improvement. They dig at night or even daytime. That take too many days to finish. They venture to all kinds of business to get rent near your place. They always do it in a long holiday break. Be watchful. All the alarms, cctv and security gadget. Pls. install motion detector.
Hope this observation will be a great help in stopping this misdeed.
For a better Philippines.


About Me

In honor of Commander Liwanag of Hukbalahap. Who visited me in my birth and story I heard about this great leader. The teaching and believe He share with my family about doing good and doing right toward others. Despite many bad things happening in our country. We must never do wrong or bad to make a living or profit that jeopardize other people. All wrong or bad must be expose to see the truth and the light. That other will not follow and be aware of this misdeed. Make a living by hardwork and good deeds. I maybe forgotten but my legacy live on to you who believe.