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Origin of Budol-Budol Gang and Dugo-Dugo Gang? ( Self -remedy)

This gang regularly victimize lots of people in our country.
This is the untold story and will never be reveal by gang member even caught or torture to reveal the truth.
Where do they came from?
This gang is the wrongdoing of some former member of a Central Philippine Cult or Sect as you want to call it. The cult or sect itself have good intention by it's leader's and true members to use the knowledge for faith healing. The goodness of this group still exist in remote places of Central and Southern Philippines. I highly respect their doing to help poor people in remote places of our country to get help from their sect in healing or albularyo service.
In the evolution of time and migration of many people to cities across the Philippines.
Due to poverty, some former member have follow the flow of time to seek opportunity in the city. The end-up also poor in the city and influence by bad elements of the society. The knowledge they know from the sect or cult is harness for their survival in the city. To use this knowledge of hypnotism for scam. This is birth of Budol-Budol Gang and Dugo-Dugo Gang in the Philippines. Those former member's pioneer a great scam that is so popular until now.
The gang is still a family member operation like mafia.
New gang member may not know the origin of this gang. But the knowledge and training that been develop and perfected over the decade have make this gang an urban legend to many people. How they do it? I now reveal to you.

What is the remedy if you encounter this gang?

This one of the unanswer in many write-up, mostly is writing a story or news of what happen after the scam have victimize.

I will share to you what will you do before being scam. To help everyone aware what to do?
You will notice that Budol-Budol Gang operate in mostly in tandem. This is the best kept secret that I will answer. They mostly look harmless or gullible, they will ask question like stranger in one place. Hope you read my other post about this topic. One thing they want to know is what is your name? Why they want your name? Most will think for trust or to know each other as we mostly do. This is true for a hospitable society like the Philippines. You will notice only one person in the gang do the talking while other is quite. Because, the other gang member is a quite chantter of spell. Once you give your name? The quite chantter will cast a spells on your name that will hypnotize the victim and forget yourself what happening, you will be like robot under gang control. Due to our respect toward other person, we always say "PO" at "OPO" this is word that activate the chants & spells. This chants and spells last 1 to 3 days, depending on the gang intention to victimize the victim. Due to safety reason for gang, they now operate in a scam quick scheme mostly lasted 6 to 12 hours of victim been hypnotize and forget oneself, big or small amount will do for them now. No wander they never been caught.

Rule to avoid this happening: ( To avoid Budol-Budol Gang member )

If stranger is asking something, better avoid speaking and go away. (Just signal hand or head "NO" reaction will do.
If unavoided just point direction if asking direction to be respectfull.
Never talk to them if alone. Go near to many people.
As chantter of spell cannot cast a spell to many people.
If you can go near a people, police, guard, driver or people near you.
Unavoided refer them driver for direction.
Refer them to other to talk to, but better more people.
As the other people will be victimize.
It's is hard to know who are them. Just use common sense and discernment.
I cannot recommend any amulet for respect to all faith, maybe simple spice in you bag or
pocket will do the trick but not always guarantee.
(Small piece of ginger, garlic, onion, sili, pepper or any mint, hot or spicy plant and bottle of water, sachet of ordinary salt)
When you talk to stranger and you feel strange or unwell feeling or dizzy, you suddenly feel weak or helpless, just chew small piece of spice or herbs, you can spit or swallow and drink some water (or gargel some salt and water) to awaken you mind or consciousness and go near more people or inside a store talk to guard or salelady you feel something or borrow a telephone or call your celphone and call-up your family, friend or relative to pick-you-up, most of them have develop the evil eye ( balis ). This make person feel week or helpless.
( Upon rescue of family, friend or relative, please remember to pray or visit your place of worship and pray. To increase you spiritual shield )
Special thanks to the former thug of C.M. Recto Manila, for sharing this info.
Your reform life have open this information to all to know and be aware.
Hope and pray that this knowlegde be share toward other.
That no more victim of this gang in our country.
Let make their scam outdated and outlaw.
Have a safe and happy life to all.

To avoid Dugo-Dugo Gang member to victimize your household help or kasambahay or anybody in you household become a victim?

This is some of the way or technic they do?
Why in the world they know your name?
Your schedule, profile your life.
Bits scary, but this is the reality.
Your househelp name or anybody and know your telephone number?
This is plain intelligence work from this gang.
They do research and observation on target. Use phone directory to know your telephone number. This take time to do by dugo-dugo gang. But always get big time.
Mostly, get info from your trash. Believe or not, this is a goldmine of information for them.
Remember this 2 group originate in the same cult or sect. End-up poor in the city, they always live in depress communities. This is the beginning a innovative dugo-dugo gang. From scavenging trash across the city to make a living more than 2 decade ago, they got regular paper trash from well-to-do household.
Not all we think they do not read or write. Some have able to go to school. They know how to read simple word and understand. From regular trash, some bright people able to read mail from trash. This gave then idea to make a scam using the trash paper they got.
Many busy people throw-out mails from unsolicited subscription ads, catalog and other.
They have a mailing name and address of a person. This gave way to their initial information access of your name and your address. This scam is perfected over this period. They were able to improve this scheme and able to set-up a monitoring system of who will they victimize, complete with personnel to do it. ( They like NBI or FBI, do profiling).
Mostly target is wealthy busy people and house always left to household help.
Or you go abroad.
( Favorite target by them )

They attack the target with information they gather.
The caller and spell chantter (Tandem scammer)
Create a panic scenario call that the owner of house got an accident or anything that can make the househelp o person in the house got panic. The spell chantter is already operating in the other line of the phone, they already know the name of the person they talk to the chantter of spell to hynotize just wait for the "PO" or "OPO" to activate the spell.
If already under hypnotism, they instruct the usual things. Bring all the money, jewerly or anything valuable. Hypnotize person met in a fastfood store, mall or any public place.
Other gang personnel is already dispatch in the designated place to get the loots from the victim.
Most hypnotism last 1 day only. They move quick and no trace.
Upon the return of wealthy busy person they got the shock of there life.
( Do not panic )

I share to you some survival tips or remedy before this happen.
Not guarantee, but better safe than sorry.
You must remind househelp this scam is true, never believe in any caller at once.
You must practice a coded way of talking to verify it's true in your entire household that you only familiar with or secret nickname, it's up to you (Some jejemon word can do).
Rule of the game, do not give vital info from the unknown caller.
Like name, address, age or birthday. (They can cast the spell on you)
Tell other family member what happen, if true to check for the hospital or police station for any accident blotter.
Remember: Always call the celphone of the suppose victim in your family directly to confirm is He or She got into accident or trouble. This will clear things up.
Have a telephone list of family member at home, so househelp or any person at home can inform other family member immediately.
Never reply "PO" or "OPO" to unknow caller. This may activate the hypnotism spell.
( This is not disrepectful but safety measure )
If ever feel strange or dizzy upon talking to a phone, please use spice and herbs self-remedy.
( On the above posting )
Buy a paper shredder to cut all your important trash paper. ( Especially with your name, address or profile )
Get a caller ID from telecom company and regularly registered all call for future references
on a logbook or notebook. In case something happen you can check what number they call.
( Remember where in the Philippines, self-service of all remedy you think, no one will help you and you need to make some precautionary measure only )
If your a residencial home with busy person always househelp stay at home.
( Request for removal of your name in telephone directory from telecom )
You want private telephone number if you do not want other to know your name and telephone number. This upon your discretion only.
Rent a safety deposit box (SDB) in your bank, put all your valuable in bank vault for safekeeping.
Always left few cash at home, apply, get and teach househelp or family member to use atm card.
To lessen cash exposure at home.
Unavoidable, you can have less to lost or damage on your life.
This is just a tip. It's up to you to revise or modify to suit on your lifestyle.
Have a safe and happy life to all.


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  2. nabudol-budol gang po kami ng friend ko kanina lang. sobrang hindi ko po alam na un ang nangyari sa min .grabe iyak po ng iyak ung friend ko kasi nakuha cp nya ,fortunately but unfortunately ung id ko din kinuha nya. grabe .tatandaan ko lahat ng mga advices nyo .thanks po. godbless.

  3. Thank you for this post. I know someone close to me who was also victimized by the budol budol gang. And it's true that they work as a group and use hypnotism. They even got inside my friend's house without any sweat and took all her jewelry and cash from the bank. No wonder the victims do not know what they're doing because they are under a spell. Will heed your advices.

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  5. Possible po ba na ung budol ay mambudol ng mahabang panahon. Ksi po ang case samin para syang albularyo magtatawas taspos group po yung victim nya so now lahat ng tao dun sa compound ng group na yun parang under her spell, everyone believes her using the word of God. kahit anong hingin nya at kahit magkano nakukuha nya kaya nakapagpagawa na sya ng bahay at marami na syang naipundar so nakakapagtaka na kahit never syang ngkawork pati family nya nakapgproduce sya ng luho nya at supported nya whole family nya.

  6. Budol2 and dugo2 gang use misdirection, not really hypnotism. Hypnotism is not a spell. It is actually science and psychology. It appears you know little about that fact, bro. And you get all these people to believe you? Hypnotism and trance aren't done the way it was told here. Magic doesn't really exist as it is a trick, neither is a spell which isn't Science. You've been watching too much supernatural and paranormal movies. Haha!



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